Don't take my word for it... hear it from other parents just like you!

"I wanted to thank you so much for your generous advice before my babes were born and during those fragile early days...I had to figure out how to silence so much of the well-meaning noise (external and my own)...and you were the only person in the lactation world who have truly judgement-free advice. I'm so grateful."

- Olivia G

Hi, I’m Katie.

Your tiny human is your whole world right now–and keeping them fed and healthy is one of your most important jobs. You don’t have time to sift through all of the (sometimes unreliable) blog posts out there –you want to feel confident that your child is getting all the nourishment they need right now

That's where I come in... as a long-time NICU nurse and lactation consultant, I will help you navigate the different options you have for feeding your baby. These courses will empower you with knowledge and confidence to feed your baby in whatever way is right for your family.

Katie is a Master's prepared NICU nurse, lactation consultant and mom. She is passionate about guiding families to confidently feed their babies

Meet Katie